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Bende-Stáb Building Industrial, Trade and Servicing Ltd. has been formed in 1990 with the definite aim to fully supply customised architectural requests and needs by consonant expansion and by developing own know-how.

As long as in the first few years we could keep on working in a smaller park in the centre of Kecskemét our enterprise has rapidly outgrown it – by 1995. In that year we bought our present site – in a size of 8500 square metres - at No. 12. Kiskõrösi str., here we have enough room to operate our machines and bendig engines.

In the past 17 years we became known as the producer and constructor of custom-made, non-series special – often extra – designed building constructions not only in Hungary but also beyond frontiers.

We offer our services like both primary– and subcontractor. We produce both unit production and standardized constructions as from the scheming and desing over preparing the product to assembling the manufactured product on the spot. Our main products are: lightweight aluminium lantern-lights for industrial and commercial halls, unique glass-roofs, winter gardens, pool houses, non-series pool roofings, rust-free cupolas, unique projecting roofs and awnings for hotels and public facilities, fitted steel frameworks, horizontal and cambered glass walls.


Bende Péter

managing director

Tel.: - Mobil: +36/30/663-2265